Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Power of the Value Proposition

If you want to promote yourself and be heard online, then you need to understand what it is that drives audiences and that generates sales and clicks.

The answer to that is nearly always emotion.

If you’re trying to sell to someone by reasoning with them, then you are fighting an uphill battle. Likewise, if you try and get someone to click your link by using data, then you’ll be falling on deaf ears.

Instead, you need to make sure that you are thinking about the emotion behind your message and that you are appealing to something deeper with your audience. Nearly all decisions to click or by are impulsive and that means they’re driven by emotion. Don’t give them time to look away and think about it later!

What is a Value Proposition?

Perhaps no concept demonstrates this better than the value proposition. A value proposition is basically the most fundamental way in which your product is going to be supplying value. The old saying goes that you don’t sell hats – you sell warm heads. What this means is that people aren’t buying a hat for the sake of the material, they’re buying it for what it can do for them.

Likewise then, if you have a website that talks about fitness, what is it that you’re really selling? Why do people come to your site?

Chances are that the driving forces are the desire to feel more confident, to be more attractive to the opposite sex and to be able to get out of bed each morning with tons of energy.

These are things that people can really relate to and that will really motivate your audience to sit up and take notice. So that’s what you need to promote.

Using Instagram

To demonstrate how you might do this, take Instagram for instance. If you look at what’s successful on Instagram, then you’ll see that a lot of it is seemingly narcissistic and is to do with living vicariously. We enjoy photos of attractive people looking great in their clothes, of wealthy people standing in front of nice cars and of beautiful sunsets.

This might seem vein and shallow but really it is aspirational. It is promoting a lifestyle. And that gets an emotional response.

If you can do this with your own brand – if you can find the lifestyle and the emotional drive behind it – then you can build some dedicated and passionate fans and get a LOT more exposure.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Top WordPress Plugins to Help You Be Heard

If you want to create a brand online that will help you to reach a large audience and make yourself heard, then you need to use WordPress. There is absolutely no question that WordPress is the very best platform for blogging and that’s thanks to the fact that it is free, incredibly customizable and very powerful. WordPress is used by most of the top brands on the web, including numerous Fortune 500 companies, and it is completely freely available for anyone to install.

What’s more is that WordPress is endlessly expandable thanks to free themes, free plugins and more that can make it more powerful. No other platform for blogging is as well supported by tools, plugins and the community so you’re just making life harder for yourself if you choose to use anything else.
Once you’ve built your WordPress site, you can start to get a taste for its true power by taking advantage of some cool plugins. Here are a few that are highly relevant to getting yourself heard and making a splash online…

Round Social Media Buttons

This is a very simple plugin that places social media links to your page. People can now click the Facebook icon to see your Facebook page, or the Twitter icon to follow you on Twitter etc. and it will look highly modern, responsive and attractive wherever you put the links.


Twidget is a Twitter widget that shows a feed of your posts in the sidebar of your site. This makes your site look much more active and encourages more people to follow you by showing off what sort of content you create for Twitter.

YouTube Channel

This is similar to Twidget, except it shows your YouTube content. You can use this to show any video you like in your sidebar or to have them chosen by random. Or why not show the latest video and have them update automatically?


Let readers who enjoy your content share it easily on any social media channel they wish!

Facebook Comments

Add a comments section to your blog posts powered by Facebook. Now your users can chat to each other, they can share what they post to their Facebook pages and they can log in without needing to set up a new account.

Minimalist Instagram Widget

One more widget, this time showing your Instagram pictures right on your website!

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Monday, April 11, 2016

Why Value is So Important for Your Social Media Campaign

What is the secret to being successful on social media?
The answer is simple: delivering value.

This might sound obvious to you, or perhaps it’s just obtuse and confusing. Either way, it’s undeniable and perhaps the best way to explain what I mean by this is to show you the opposite.
Which happens to be how most brands use social media…

The Mistake

The way that a lot of businesses use social media is to set up their accounts and then occasionally post to them. They’re not posting regularly enough to be considered consistent but what’s worse is the nature of what they’re posting: posts talking about their products and services.

You’ve probably seen these kinds of social media pages in the past. They say things like:

“Our new POS is the best in the industry!”
“Check out our new range of clothing!”
“For service you can trust, give us a whirl”
The thing you have to ask yourself then is: why would anyone want to read that?

What incentive are you giving for following your page?

This is something that a lot of businesses simply forget about: in order to get people to listen to them, they need to be offering something in return.

The best litmus test you can always use is this: would you follow your own page?

Offering a Service

The solution is to turn your thinking on its head and to change the way you approach social media. Instead of thinking of this as a chance to promote yourself, think of it as a chance to provide an additional free service to your audience. This should be the same audience you’re trying to monetize but in this case you’re offering something completely free whether that is information, entertainment, news or inspiration. Either way, people need to look forward to your posts and they need to know what to expect.

Maybe you sell fitness products? In that case, you could provide a good service to your audience by posting new workout ideas or inspirational quotes every day. Maybe you sell clothes? In that case how about posting images of outfits to give people ideas?

Then, when you want to make a sale, you offer a genuinely exclusive discount. You have the ears and the trust of your audience and now you’re providing a limited time and exclusive opportunity. That’s how you influence through social media!

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