Monday, February 29, 2016

10 reasons why you should market your business on Pinterest

Pinterest refers to a web application or rather a mobile application company, that is based on sharing advertisement images and registration is required. It is a free website, which allows users perform a various actions; they can upload, save, sort and manage these images referred to as pins and videos among other media content. All this is done through Pinboards.

Over the years, Pinterest has emerged as a prospective business marketing platform which has really changed the definitions in the marketing is more of a business catalog of ideas than a mere social network. Pinterest has helped so many people find and be able to implement various business ideas. Specifically, retailers and CPG brands have found this platform worth praising because it has moved their businesses an extra mile. In summary, the following 10 reasons to market your business with Pinterest,help you positively; transform business-marketing strategies based on Pinterest.

1. Pinterest is large platform that will ensure you reach your target audience:

With more than 100 million people using Pinterest, this platform will help you reach the prospective customers within the expected period. The following statistics from Ahalogy will help you get the true picture of this sizeable platform; about 68% of the all the pinners are below 40 years of age, an increase of about 27% from last year. About 54% of women in the age bracket of 34 and 55 are on Pinterest and 35% have a household income of more than $100k.Male users as well as Hispanics have also not been left behind, their number in the Pinterest have incredibly grown over the past one year.

2. Pinterest helps your business gain long term benefits:

Pins last for a considerable longer period in the shelves, due to the discovery of search powers, all you have to do is to optimize the website and create pins of very high quality, and you will reap the benefits of an evergreen market.

3. Openness in the marketing process:

About 67% off all the content in the Pinterest database comes from businesses. According to a research done by Ahalogy, most pinners are highly interested by the brands rather than the celebrities. This confirms to you one thing, that this platform is more of a business site than an interactive social site, e.g. 70% of the people said they were more interested in following their favorite hair care product, than their favorite hair stylist,73% said that they would rather follow their favorite brand for beauty product than their favorite make-up artist.

4. Pinterest positively impacts on purchase:

Majority of the pinners are loyal, this loyalty is not just confined and limited to browsing. Pinners use Pinterest to make unwavering decisions on what to buy. According to Mallard Brown, 87% of the pinners have at one time purchased a product just because it was on Pinterest and 93% of pinners make future purchasing decisions by use of Pinterest.

5. Building of significant referral traffic:

About 5% of all referral traffic to websites comes from Pinterest, this is much significant as it ranks second from Facebook, which commands over 25% of all referral traffic on the internet. This means that very many businesses that are SEO optimized have a better chance of driving conversions, conversations among other desirable actions on the web.

6. Pinterest offers a larger shopping cart:

According to recent research by shopify, Pinterest average order value is a bit higher than that of is about $58.95 compared to the $55 from Facebook, hence more favorable for business marketing.

7. Pinterest keeps you updated on the emerging issues in the market:

It helps you get the latest news on various industries such as fashion, food and home and beauty. When you locate a promoted pin, you can do the follow up and derive the various benefits embedded on it.

8. Being on Pinterest offers you more purchasing power:

Being among the pinners creates an added advantage over the non pinners because it allows you to reach the target audience more easily and cuts the cost that would otherwise be incurred while using the traditional marketing methods such as TVs and magazines. As a pinner, you end up saving a lot by reducing unnecessary spending.

9. Pinterest enables your brand improve someone’s life:

When you add impactful pins, you are giving someone a constructive idea on their future.

10. Pinterest helps people to improve the brand quality:

As people have a tendency to check on their devices while they are shopping, turning the practice of show rooming into a crucial business strategy. This challenges the retailers to improve their products’ quality.

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Sunday, February 28, 2016

10 Tips for turning pinterest into an internet marketing tool

10 Tips for turning pinterest into an internet marketing tool

Pinterest is the fastest growing image site on the internet. It is far more than just an image site though. It’s a way for your to communicate your business in a visual way. This will allow you to present your information about your business in a new and fresh way that potential customers can relate to. Before you get started though, use these tips to save you time and create a presence that will help you get the results you want:

#1: Pin share-worthy photographs

Enticing photographs are the key for successful Pinterest SEO strategy. The photographs you use should clearly spell out your brand’s quality. “Would I re-pin the same photograph if it was posted by someone else?” This should be the thought you must have while choosing the pictures to pin.

#2: Describe your business with keywords

Those 200 characters of description that you give about your business have a huge potential to help you rank better. Use relevant keywords and describe about your business and services. Search engines do index the About page and you can get benefitted out of your good content. Connecting your Facebook and Twitter accounts to Pinterest will allow you to share your Pins across all the social networks.

#3: Use hashtags in your posts

Like any other social networking sites, using hashtags in your Pinterest posts will make the posts visible to a larger audience. Users search for pictures that come under a specific category and with hashtags you determine the category in which your posts should belong to.

#4: Keyword-rich description

Yes, this matters on Pinterest too. By giving key-word rich description, your pins will be easily found by the prospects. If we are to compare the advantages of description with that of hashtags, it would stand a step ahead of the latter, as creating good phrases with keywords will increase the share-ability of the pictures.

#5: Use website links

This is something that one must never overlook. Your Pinterest profile MUST have the website URL. If you are confident about the quality of the pictures pinned, you can give your URL in the description about the picture. Inbound links are one of the criteria with which Google ranks the websites. By posting captivating content with links in caption and description, your link gets shared between Pinterest users and thus it enhances your website’s ranking. If your social media agency in India has not being doing this for you so far, it’s time you get it done now!

#6: Pin it button on the website

Giving a Pin it button on your website will help you in increasing the awareness about your product. The satisfied users will be able to spread the word about your products via Pinterest.

#7: Effective alt tags for your images

Brilliant Alt tags with the most effective keywords are as important as the description. Without alt tags your SEO strategy would be incomplete.

The Pinterest source page gives you an insight into which of your Pinterest contents are re-pinned by others. Make use of all the above mentioned tips and add value to your SEO campaign. If you find it difficult to carry out the campaign in-house, you can always approach a reliable SEO agency in India to do the job for you. You can even look out for digital marketing agencies in India as they will give you the perfect services where social media and SEO are combined.

Pinterest is, in many ways, a unique social network. It brings together people who have a common interest but it doesn’t facilitate blogging, micro blogging or extensive social network profiles. There is a simple mode of communication among the users through images. You get to put up an album, share contents or images through pin boards and you get to attract followers, re pins and endorsements.

Using Pinterest is much simpler than what you may have to indulge in on other social networks. It is also more effective due to its simplicity. Uploading images that can be catchy, convincing and have the ability to arouse one’s curiosity can go a long way to promote anything. Since the mode of communication is only images or photos, there is no scope for a lot of blurb or fluff. No user can upload endless textual contents or fill up the social network with all kinds of contents. As a result, the place is neat, people like the tidy presentations and as an affiliate marketer, one gets to showcase his or her products or propositions without much hassle.

Using Pinterest is very simple. Before you strategize your approach, you should determine your objective. Would you want more affiliates or would you want to link Pinterest posts with that on other networks to have a larger presence? Are you looking for more endorsements to showcase on your profile or you want to get more sales?

Each of these objectives will define the kind of strategy you would have. If you are simply looking at integrating many social networks which is why you would use Pinterest, then you need not worry about your outreach on this photo sharing platform. If you want to have more followers or endorsements then you must target the audience on this social network and impress them so they start to follow you. If you are looking at getting more affiliates or sales of your products then your approach should be a promotional one, targeting the users purely as customers or prospective clients instead of social network users.

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Saturday, February 27, 2016

5 clever ways to market your products on pinterest

If you are into Internet marketing, Pinterest might be something you’re looking for. The best ways to share information online is through social media. By using Pinterest, and it’s clever “pinning” technique, you can share information on this bulletin board with many other people.

It is so easy to share information on this bulletin board with your followers, like Twitter and Facebook. Blogging was done years ago by sharing links – this is very similar to what happens here. If one want to market your products, since this is relatively unknown, it can be great for your IM needs. This imply that you can get in while the getting is good! You can use this platform in many ways – here are a few tips.

Some use Pinterest as a tool for their own market research to check into what colors people are drawn to and what products have been re-pinned. The information is a rich asset to a business as it leads the way to inspire additional product development. The diligent business owner can keep track of interests by seeing how many of their ‘pins’ are ‘repinned’ by other users. This can help in three ways:

1. Determining interests
2. Assessing Marketability
3. Determining popularity

Pinterest will work for your business is your content is shared quickly and frequently.
Pinterest will help in a moving a consumer from browser to purchaser.
Now, after that primer, here are the top 10 methods to promote your business on Pinterest.

1. Connect to Social Media
As Pinterest fast becomes a heavy marketing tool you’ll want to begin your account and connect it with your Twitter and Facebook accounts. It will assist you get followers as well as the greater fact that making these connections adds the social media icons under your business‘ profile pic that link back to your Twitter and Facebook profiles.

2. Creative Board Names
Come up with interesting and creative board names.

3. Play Tag
Marking other Pinterest users inside your pins by using ‘@username’ inside your descriptions. Using this kind of feature, network with different professionals and vendors inside your field. The reason why this is number 3 is really because not many individuals are doing this yet along with your business will discover that it’s a great way to create your following and stand out.

4. Comment Often
Yet another top and innovative method of using Pinterest has recently surfaced: It’s a simple concept: Comment on other people’s pins and do it regularly. And remember the same good manners and common sense approach you use when commenting on the blog or other social media site. And go right ahead and ‘like’ other people’s pins, giving them a thumbs up when you want to give your recognition to great content you see on Pinterest.

5. Videos
That is biggie on Pinterest as far as promotion goes. Pinterest has a section for pinned-videos, and there are fewer videos than images on Pinterest at this point, and it will distinguish your identity.

6. Seasonal Boards
Do what users love. Here is another great promotional tool for Pinterest: Examples include New Year’s Resolutions & Fourth of July.

7. Follow Me Buttons
Add the fanfare and surefire great method of putting a ‘Follow Me on Pinterest‘ button to the website to promote that you’re a pinner.

The irony is not lost in that pinner rhymes with winner.

8. Strategize
Pin strategically by maintaining your objectives. Ask yourself important business questions (maybe in a conference mode with your team ” maybe not, as fits your prerogative): Are you trying to boost brand awareness? Are you trying to increase sales? Do you want to expand customer engagement?
By thoughtful answers you will be more apt to pick images and offers accordingly.
Accurately pinning your market is what Pinterest is about.

9. Social Media Tools
By using social media tools. Without them it is improbable that you can keep up with all the different social networks there are to use to make sure your business gets noticed.

Check out these Pinterest tools:

Pinstamatic: Makes your boards more fun and exciting. And business need not be stodgy or humorless; as a matter of fact, it is a definite plus in many cases, (though not all)
Piqora: a great tool for including analytics and pin scheduling.
Pinpuff: Used for calculating your influence on Pinterest.
Repinly: Repinly, when checked regularly, keeps you up to date with the most popular pins and boards.

10. Get in on what’s good

Improve what can be done with your pinning via Pinterest Goodies. Start by getting the Pin it bookmarklet. You will then be enabled to pin any image or video that you like on the web.

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Friday, February 26, 2016

3 Tips on Making Promotional Videos

Promotional videos can be one of the most effective ways that you can market your business. You can publish these videos on a variety of websites – YouTube being the most popular – and you can link to your website and drive traffic there which could convert into sales for you. The whole purpose of a promotional video is to generate interest in your business but there are some rules that you need to follow if you want your promotional video to work. Here are three tips on making promotional videos that are effective and drive traffic.

1. First, make sure that you’re not creating the same old boring content that other websites and bloggers are making. Come up with something unique and original – and most of all entertaining – so that people who watch the video actually enjoy it. Your message will be much more effective if you have created a video that they enjoyed watching. Your message can be humorous, touching or even dramatic, as long as it’s entertaining. If you aren’t sure if it is entertaining enough, allow someone to watch it in the real world and look at their reaction. If they are engaged throughout the whole video it is good enough to post.

2. Keep your video short. If you create long videos that have too many details, too much information and take more time to watch than most people want to spend you’re going to bomb at promoting your business through video. A good rule of thumb for video links is 3 to 5 minutes. You don’t want to make it any shorter than three minutes because you probably aren’t getting your message across, but keep it under five minutes. Look at successful YouTube bloggers and follow their example.

3. Finally, keep the production value is highest possible. Don’t use your WebCam and film yourself sitting at home in front of the computer talking about your product. Instead use a good camera, create an actual set and research and lighting techniques so that you’re able to create a promotional video that looks as if it was produced by a film company. The higher quality that you make your video – and don’t forget HD whenever possible – the more professional that people are going to regard your company. Your script, camera, lighting and background are all vital details in creating a solid and effective promotional video.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Interacting with Blog Readers

If you’re using a blog to generate traffic, one of the best things that you can do is allow people to comment on your post. In fact, an even better thing to do is to respond to their comments, answer their questions and give advice when needed. But there are some rules that come with interacting with blog readers so that you don’t make a mistake that will result in your traffic going down instead of up. Here are three mistakes to avoid when responding to comments posted on your blog.

1.    The first mistake that were going to discuss is one that actually happens quite often with bloggers. They sometimes make the mistake of only posting on comments where question is asked and being aloof and professional. You’re trying to develop a relationship with these readers and that means interacting with them on a more personal level. You want the readers to think of you as a friend and advisor not as some faceless blogger so make sure that you interact that way.

2.    Another thing that you want to be sure that you do is avoid controversial subjects. Even if other people in your comment thread are discussing politics or religion, and you feel as if you should weigh in, don’t. No matter what you believe or don’t believe, as the blogger and host, you want to be completely neutral on controversial subjects like politics and religion. However, keep in mind that’s only for the comments section. You can use politics or a controversial subject to create a blog post to attract traffic. But just a out of the arguments and discussions in the comments.

3.    Finally, never lose your temper. You don’t have to be professional and you can be friendly, but just make sure that you don’t get angry at someone even if they are disparaging you or your blog, especially if they are just trolling. Losing your cool takes away your expertise. People are reading your blog because they believe you to be an expert in a certain field. When you lose your temper, even though it has nothing to do with your expertise, people still judge you based upon that. Also, if you make an error in your blog – like a factual error – don’t be afraid to make a comment and retracted and apologized for it. Your readers will respect you for that.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Why Word-of-Mouth Advertising is so important in Ecommerce

If you have an e-commerce website and you’re trying to generate traffic, so that you can convert it to sales, one of the factors that you need to take into consideration is that word-of-mouth advertising is going to be one of your biggest sellers – or your biggest killers – depending upon your products and your customer service, or other factors that affect people’s happiness. But why is word-of-mouth advertising so important on the Internet and especially for e-commerce?

First of all, people are spending money on a website that they have never been to before and they may be a little wary. In this day and age, scams are present everywhere and so people are reluctant to trust the new website unless they are sure that their credit card isn’t going to be stolen. That’s where word-of-mouth advertising comes in. If they have seen other people talking about your site – and about their purchase – they are no longer worried about spending money there.

In addition, people trust what they hear other people talking about. These days, reviews can be gained. Amazon is forever removing reviews because they been paid for or traded for. So, people have a hard time trusting even reviews unless there’s enough of them. But when someone discusses a purchase that they made and that they were happy with – or unhappy with – people are going to know that the customer is legitimate and therefore the store they bought it from is legitimate.

Also, word-of-mouth is important because people are on social media and that is the number one way that the word is going to get out about your business. It is also the number 1 Potential Way that your promotion or product or blog post is going to go viral. Although word-of-mouth generally refers to one person telling another in the real world, in this case word-of-mouth means spreading the word on social media and that is huge for your business.

Finally, when someone shares your business with someone else the original customer that already purchased something from you is going to remember you even more than if they had purchased a product and forgot all about it without telling anyone. If they were pleased enough to tell their friends, they are going to remember you next time, and that word-of-mouth advertising is going to stick in their mind as well as the friend that they’re telling it to.

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Monday, February 22, 2016

4 Simple Ways to Direct People to Your Website from YouTube

If you want to get traffic to your website, YouTube is a great resource because almost everyone goes there to watch videos and if you create videos, you definitely have a chance of being discovered – and if you can create something amazing or awesome you might have a chance of going viral. But how do you direct people to your website from YouTube? Here are four ways that you can do that while still providing great video content people.

Number one, you can put your website URL directly in the description of the video. Of course, not everyone reads the description of a video but if you make a good and they can tell that there is something written there, some of them will click and see your URL. From there, you need to be enticing and give them a reason to click on that URL. The description boxes there for exactly that; you can share information to your site that make a good.

Second, you can put the same information in the video annotations. The annotations are clickable so you can put your URL there and people may follow the annotation to your website. Again, you need to give them a reason to click on it which means that you’ll have to put some text around it that will make it enticing.

The third thing you can do to get people to come to your website from your YouTube video is to simply ask them to we are making the video. If you are the one speaking in the video, just ask them to visit your site, directly, right into the camera. A personal invitation like this can be hard to resist and if you do it right you get a lot of people looking up your website.

The fourth thing that you can do is use the on-screen graphics to direct people to your website. You don’t say anything at all if you don’t want to. Instead, simply put your website URL in the on-screen graphics, and again give them a reason to type that URL into a new tab. Remember, this may not be clickable (although you can make it clickable by adding an invisible box) so you’re going to have to really sell them on the idea of visiting your website. If you can come up with a really great reason you’ll have traffic in no time.

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Sunday, February 21, 2016

4 Terrific Ways to Use Current Events to Drive Traffic

Current events can be a great way to drive traffic to your website. If you have a blog and you are including current events in a blog post, you might be able to get a small part of the huge traffic that comes with current events. Here are some of the ways that you can use news articles or current events to drive traffic to your site.

1.    First, make sure that you are getting the latest current events. You should be signed up for Google alerts or some other type of instant notification when a major news event happens. You want to be writing an article and getting in front as soon as you know about the news event because when you publish matters if you want to be in the first few pages of results.

2.    Create a press release type article that includes both some current event – or several current events even – and some new promotion or product that you are offering. Include both of them in the press release as if they were both news articles and then publish them elsewhere.

3.    Start with a newsworthy event of some kind and report on it for the first part of your blog. Make sure that you are getting the keywords in that you need to drive traffic. However, then you can turn the article around and use the current event is some sort of example and turn the attention back to your own product or service or whatever it is that you do on your website. This seems a little misleading at first, but you’ll get the hang of using current events to write your own promotional content without spamming or misleading people.

4.    You can also use the comment sections and forums or other places that your active to comment on current events and get a discussion started. You want to make sure, of course, that you are able to direct people back to your website through a link in your signature or your URL in your bio or some other method of advertising your site. You can generate a lot of attention by discussing current events which could get you quite a bit of traffic coming in to your blog or website and that could convert into real sales. Just make sure your contributing valuable and relevant content and not spamming.

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4 Tips on Running a Traffic Generation Contest

One of the best ways that you can generate traffic for your website is to create a contest. Contests are great because everyone loves participating in the competition and especially if you are offering some kind of great reward or prize. Generally, the best way to do a traffic generation contest is to offer a reward for them to refer new people to your website. Obviously, you’ll have to set up some sort of method for recognizing the referrer but here are some tips on actually running the contest once you get it organized and planned.

1.    Set a goal for your contest. Know what you’re trying to achieve before you begin. Have your results in mind before your launch day. If you’re trying to get 1000 new people to visit your site with this traffic generation contest then you will be able to take steps to achieve that goal. If you just have a general goal of getting people to visit your site or increase your traffic you’ll have much less success because you haven’t defined your goals.

2.    Advertise it several days in advance. If people don’t know about it they are going to participate in it, and if you only advertise it on launch day you’re only going to get a fraction of the people you would have a few advertise that beforehand.

3.    Tell your participants clearly what you want from them. If you’re trying to generate traffic, then tell them that you want them to refer people to your website. If you don’t let people know why you’re running your contest and what you expect to get from it, they aren’t going to know what to do to help you achieve your goal.

4.    Finally, give people something really great if they actually do participate in your contest. For example, if you decide that you’re going to give away a prize to the person that refers the most people to your site, then make sure that the prize that you give them is a really great one. Even if you were giving away a prize for everyone who refers someone to your website, you still need to make sure that the prize is worth it. Obviously, the price for the person that refers the most people is going to be quite a bit larger than the one for people who refer just a single person both should be valuable.

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Saturday, February 20, 2016

4 Ways to make it Impossible Not to Click on Your Headlines

If you want people to come to your website and read your content, you are going to have to create headlines that they will be able to resist. If you notice, the websites out there that have consistent viral content, like, use amazing headlines that you can help but click on and find out what is behind them. Those are the kind headlines that you should be going for. Here are some rules to help you craft the perfect headline.

First, use some sort of number in your headline. Top 10 lists are always popular five ways to do something is also a great way to get clicks. It doesn’t really matter what number you choose, although 10 does seem to get more results than anything else, but always use some sort of number when you make a headline.

Second, use great adjectives. Come up with some great adjectives that will make people want to click on your headline. Words like unbeatable, amazing, astounding and many, many others can all be used to craft a headline that is impossible not to click on. Again, look at Buzzfeed and Cracked to see what sort of headlines they are creating and then do the same thing.

Third, make your headline unique from everyone else’s. Use words that other people aren’t using in your headline. In fact, make your article and your headline is unique as possible because you need to stand out from the crowd not be part of all the other headlines out there. If you are competing against viral sites and using the same headlines you are going to lose. They have more writers, more money and more experience to get traffic to their site so that means you need to stand out as much as possible.

Fourth, a great trick to use is to make an irresistible promise. Of course, you have to follow through with that promise in some way but you can be creative and still make a promise that people are going to want to click on. For example suppose you created this headline: How to Lose Weight by Eating More. This is a headline that people would definitely click on because people that want to lose weight also want to eat but you could make the article about eating negative calorie foods like celery or any foods that burn more calories eating them than they actually provide.

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Thursday, February 18, 2016

5 Great Rules for Running Promotions

Once in a while, you may want to run a promotion on your website in order to attract new customers and to bring back old customers. You probably are very familiar with this, since many businesses do this. Most of the pizza chains, if you sign up for their mailing list, will email you special promotions that they do once in a while and you can use their example to promote your own deals. Here are five good rules to follow when you’re doing promotions.

1.    Don’t do your promotions too frequently. If you’re doing a promotion every week then participating in a promotion or taking advantage of the offer loses its urgency. Make sure that when your promotion goes out that people know it’s a special thing and it’s not going to come around again for quite a while.

2.    Design good artwork for your promotions and make it look really professional. If you to send out a text email or make a post about your promotion, it isn’t going to have nearly the impact that a well-designed banner will.

3.    Don’t be your promotions to sell them either. If you only send out a promotion a couple times a year people are going to forget all about your company and they Artie would get a know who you are when your email arrives in their inbox. That could mean that they send you straight to spam – in fact it could mean that the email service sends your message to spam – once a month or so is a good time frame.

4.    If you are doing a sales promotion, enlist other bloggers and offer them an affiliate commissions for anyone that they refer to your site. They will be doing all of the advertising work and you will just be paying them a percentage of sales that you wouldn’t have gotten at all if you hadn’t enlisted them.

5.    Finally, don’t run the same promotion every month or every three weeks or however you run your promotion. Make sure that something brand-new every single time. If it is the same exact promotion that you had in the past, then dress it up completely and make it look brand-new. You may have to find some creative ways to do this because if you’re an e-commerce, you only have so many ways to say ‘come and save money.’

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

5 Real-World Ideas to Promote Your URL

Promoting your website online is terrific but there are actually are some reasons that you should promote it offline as well. You can get quite a bit of traffic by promoting offline, depending on what your URL actually is and how you advertise it. Obviously, you need to generate some interest with the way that you’re distributing your URL. When you have the perfect set up, here are five real-world ideas to get the word out there.

1.    Put your URL on all of your business cards. Even if you don’t have business cards normally, make up some business cards. If you already have business cards that don’t feature your URL, have some new ones made. The cost will be worth it.

2.    Print your message on a few T-shirts and sweatshirts for you and your family members along with your URL and then wear them around town. Again, you need to give them a reason to visit the URL, but if you can do that you will drive quite a bit of traffic to your site from right there in your own city or town.

3.    Another thing that you can do along this same vein is to put your URL and your message on the side of your vehicle. In fact, put it on both sides if you can manage it. This will cost some money and a will mean that you’ll be stuck with advertising on your vehicle for a while but it will be worth it if you can drive a great deal of traffic to your website that will convert into customers.

4.    Put your URL somewhere where a lot of people will see it. For example, advertising on bus benches is surprisingly inexpensive for the benefit that you’ll get. In fact, you might even consider a small billboard if you can get a good deal on one. Look for ways to maximize your exposure while minimizing your costs.

5.    Set up a referral program. Get people in your town to refer others to your website so that they’ll get a discount or something for free. In fact, you don’t even need to do it just in your own town. You can have your customers anywhere advertise in the real world and give them a discount or free item when they refer someone. Referral programs are popular among retailers and e-commerce merchants because they work.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

How to Build And Manage an Email List

One of the things that you can do to get people to come back to your website after they visit or after they purchase something from you, is to get them to sign up for your mailing list. That way, you can remind them every once in a while about your products or services, and they may come back and buy something else from you, or simply read your blog or articles if that’s what your goal is. Here are some tips to help you manage a mailing list to be most effective.

First, make it as simple as possible for them to sign up for the mailing list. Ideally all they should have to do is enter their email address. You may want to get more information from them but simpler is better. Obviously, if they are buying something from you they may have to provide more information. However, websites that require registration before purchase see poor results. So, if you can collect their email address on their way to purchase something – but not require registration – and if you can collect their email address on your front page even if they don’t buy something, you’ll have the perfect mailing list setup.

You want to give them a good reason to sign up for your mailing list as well. Obviously, if you tell them that they are signing up to be reminded to come back and buy something later on, not very many people are going to sign up. But if you offer them something valuable that they’ll get together providing you with their email address, something that they would never get ordinarily, then you’ll have much greater success using them to sign up.

Finally, only send out emails to your mailing list when you have something really valuable to offer them. If you start sending them emails all the time and they get sick of seeing your name in their inbox, they’re going to hit the unsubscribe button and they will no longer be on your mailing list. Make sure that you have something substantial that you’re emailing them about, such as a major discount or promotion – or even a contest that you’re running – so that when your email does arrive they know that it’s going to be something good and they’ll read it and possibly even follow through with a visit to your website or a purchase.

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Monday, February 15, 2016

Successful Entrepreneurs Take Personal Responsibility

There are certain attributes that you can find with almost every successful entrepreneur out there. Drive and persistence are among those, but another huge one is their willingness to take personal responsibility for their life and their livelihood, which is why so many of them are successful. Have you ever met someone who believed that everything that happened to them was someone else’s fault even when it was clearly theirs? That kind of person will never be a successful entrepreneur because they believe that things happen to them instead of them making things happen, either positive or negative. So, how can you cultivate this personal responsibility to be a successful entrepreneur?

The World Owes You Nothing

Successful entrepreneurs feel as if the world is theirs for the taking, but they don’t feel like they are owed something by the world. They believe that if there is something that they want or need, the responsibility to go out and get it is theirs and theirs alone. They don’t believe that someone is going to come along and hand them a check, without a great deal of hard work beforehand. That’s why they are so good at recognizing opportunities – because they are looking for them, and they are willing to act when they see the opportunity present itself.

They Do Not act like Victims

There are people out there who have what is called a victim mentality, which simply means that they believe that some metaphysical someone – like fate – is out to get them, and that’s why they haven’t had the opportunities that other people have. They think of themselves as a victim and so have negative thoughts and beliefs which is an attribute not suited for entrepreneurship. Successful people know that when something bad happens it’s just chance, and they have the opportunity to rise above it.

They Learn from Their Mistakes and They Are Grateful

Finally, a successful entrepreneur not only has no problem making mistakes – they know it is going to happen whether they have a problem with that or not – the actually embrace their mistakes because they have the opportunity to learn something from them. When something bad happens, they considered a learning experience and they improve so that it doesn’t happen again in the future. Most of the time, entrepreneurs are very grateful for the learning opportunity as well, because they might have continued making that mistake if it hadn’t been brought to their attention.

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Sunday, February 14, 2016

How to Make the Most of a Failed Business Strategy

In the world of entrepreneurship there are times when your strategy is going to fail. Obviously, your goal is to minimize this is much as possible and work as hard as you can to make a strategy work so that it doesn’t fail. But sometimes, there is nothing you can do to avoid it and you must cut your losses and move on. But before you go on to the next opportunity, you should know how to make the most of a failed strategy and learn from it so you’ll be better in the future.

Find out Why It Didn’t Work

Your first task is to find out why the strategy didn’t work. This might be difficult but it will be vital to not making the same mistake in the future. If you just shrug your shoulders and move on, you could make the same mistakes in the future that cause the strategy to fail. But if you know what mistakes you made, how to fix them or avoid them in the future, you’ll have a big head start towards connect opportunity. Keep in mind, it is usually a combination of several factors that make a strategy fail and not just one single problem.

Don’t Let Discouragement and Negativity Keep You from Moving Forward

Just because a business strategy failed doesn’t mean that you, personally, are a failure. In fact, the very fact that you failed shows that you’re willing to take a risk and put yourself out there. Most successful people fail several times before they get it right. If they had stopped after one or two failures they would’ve never gotten to the point they are today. A good example of this is novelist Stephen King. He had hundreds of rejection slips posted on his wall before finally getting published and now he’s the most successful novelist of the 20th century.

Find out What Did Work

Finally, you’re going to break down the strategy as you’re looking for reasons that it failed and find out what things did work. You can use those same things in the future when you’re ready to begin a new strategy. Knowing what worked and what didn’t can be a powerful asset in your next endeavor and understanding what actually did work can teach you just as much is figuring out what didn’t work about a strategy.

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Top Five Ways to Be the Best Service Provider You Can Be

If your entrepreneurial venture is being a service provider, you want to provide the best service possible and be the number one person that people go to when they need your particular service. There are a lot of various service providers on the Internet these days, no matter if you’re talking about freelance writing industry, graphic design, programming or any other service. There are professionals with huge price tags and sites like Fiverr that make some services incredibly cheap but no matter which part of the spectrum you’re at there are some great ways to be the best service writer possible.

1.    Don’t charge prices based on the market, especially if you’re trying to undercut the competition. Price your services based on what you think they’re worth and don’t worry if some people are willing to pay the price because you’ll find people looking for quality work like yours that are willing to pay good money for it.

2.    Be consistent with all of your clients even if they don’t know each other. Charge the same basic prices to all of the clients that you have, promise the same deadlines and don’t pick and choose policies based upon the client. If they ever do encounter each other you may lose both of them.

3.    Double and triple check your work before you send it out. Even catching one or two minor mistakes could mean the difference between a client coming back or not, or telling other people about your services. Take a few extra minutes with every single project and make sure it is 100% what the client wanted and that it is your absolute best work.

4.    Be okay with saying no. There may be some projects that you don’t want to work on and it doesn’t really matter what the reason is. You could have a moral objection or could be just too much work for the price that the person is willing to pay. The point is, be willing to say no to clients. They will respect you and not ask in the future.

5.    Figure out what people’s problems are and then try to solve them. If you can come up a solutions to people’s problems other than your regular services, you could make a great deal more money and could spark a business idea that will take you to the big-time.

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Friday, February 12, 2016

3 Powerful Ways to Recognize an Opportunity

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur one of the things that you’re going to have to do is be able to recognize opportunity when it knocks. An opportunity to fill a much needed gap in the market or to change your business to take advantage of a trend could mean the difference between a little bit of success and a huge amount. But you must know what these opportunities look like so that you can grab them when you see them. Here are three ways to recognize an opportunity.

It Might Not Be Perfect

One of the earmarks of a good opportunity is that it doesn’t sound too good to be true. A true opportunity that has great potential isn’t going to be perfect when you encounter it. You’re going to have to do the work to make it into a successful venture. However, one thing that should have is potential. If you can see it becoming a great idea in the future than it might just be the opportunity that you been looking for but just be sure that just because an idea is imperfect that you don’t discard it completely.

It Is Built on Previous Failures

The best ideas are the ones that have evolved over time because they have been honed through past failures. If an idea has been through the furnace of discovery, there is a much greater chance of it working when you decide to implement it. In other words, you might want to give an idea time to fail a few times before you decide to run with it yourself, because otherwise, you’ll be making all of those mistakes yourself and that won’t result in the grand opportunity the you’re envisioning.

It Might Not Be What It Was Intended to Be Used for Originally

Some of the best ideas that have ever been thought of were completely different takes on what a product or service was originally intended for. The idea might’ve been a failure as it was intended but it sparked an entire new thought process and brand-new applications. These accidental inventions ended up being something completely different because someone had the ability to see past the original application. For example, both the slinky and silly putty toys were intended for industrial application. However, they failed as intended and instead became some of the most popular toys ever invented.

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